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Ali Sultaneh and His “Stolen” Surgery

If you frequent migraine forums you may have come across this dude named Ali Sultaneh. His claim? That he invented a surgery that can “cure” migraines.

His purpose on forums used to be to convince people that he could cure migraines. Over time, that purpose has shifted. Now he’s plaguing migraine forum members with his pathetic whines that his surgery has been “stolen” by other doctors.

First of all, no surgery can cure migraine. As I understand it, it’s a neurological and genetic disease that we don’t have a cure for yet. So, he’s either deluded or a liar on the “cure” thing. Maybe his surgery could be a good measure to prevent migraines. I don’t know, and that’s not my point.

My point is that he’s pestering people who can’t do anything about this supposed threat, patients. He needs to shut up, man up, and hire a lawyer. On one forum, author and patient advocate Teri Robert gave him excellent advice. She told him, quite correctly, that theft of a valuable surgery would be a huge story for a reporter and suggested that he go to the web sites of papers such as the New York Times and Washington Post, find contact information for reporters, and get in touch with them. Now, a sane human being would have thanked her for the advice, then taken it. But, no, not Sultaneh. He actually had the balls to attack her and accuse her of being responsible for migraine sufferers committing suicide because she doesn’t support him.

At best, Sultaneh is a jerk. Some migraine forums, where managing members is set up better, kick him out the minute he shows up. Others seem to put up with him. Why, I don’t know. It certainly isn’t in the best interests of their members. There’s nothing forum members can do about Sultaneh’s claims of theft, so all he’s accomplishing is pissing people off.

Sultaneh has attempted to post several comments here to tell you and me his woes. Ain’t gonna happen!

Sultaneh, if you’re telling the truth about your surgery, get a lawyer or contact a reporter as Ms. Robert suggested. Otherwise, shut the hell up. You’ve killed whatever credibility you may have had with your abuse of migraine forums and their members. Continuing this nonsense can only make things worse. People may feel sorry for you. Undoubtedly, some people are laughing at you. But the bottom line is that none of these people can do a thing about your supposedly “stolen” surgery.



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  1. Well said, Jon. Thank you.


    Comment by Teri | April 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. if hes coming out with such wild stories about curing migraines how can we believe his story about his surgery?

    Comment by dawn | April 16, 2010 | Reply

  3. Why would someone who claims to care so much about helping migraine patients be so belligerent and hateful? Something doesn’t add up there.

    Comment by Diana Lee | April 16, 2010 | Reply

  4. Teri is a real migraine patients killer. She left her migraine patients to die because she hide in her web site my migraine real treatment.
    Only psych persons say the bad words that you said.
    No Free Media in USA!
    Yes this is the truth.
    They knew about my migraine discovery for years ago.
    They knew that my migraine pressure points, surgery, devices were stolen and published in medical journals.
    They knew that only very good ideas can be stolen.
    They knew that migraine headaches are not a simple thing to be ignored.
    They knew that migraine headaches are the first reason of suicides in youth ages according to American Academy of Neurology.
    They knew, they knew, I have too many facts to say but for what?
    Can someone say that there are free media after years of ignoring my work?
    They are not only ignoring my work but they even hide it.
    Some of them even supported the thief’s.

    Comment by Ali Sultaneh | April 17, 2010 | Reply

  5. I let this comment by Sultaneh be published to show just how irrational he is.

    He continues to rant about the “media,” but he has ignored suggestions that he contact reporters from major newspapers. Instead he continues to post to migraine forums and whine about how his surgery was “stolen.” And, he continues to malign Teri Robert, who is undoubtedly the leading non-physician expert, patient educator, and patient advocate in the area of migraines and other headache problems. His calling her a “true migraine patients killer” would probably earn him a serious law suit if he was in the U.S.

    For the record, it is my opinion that Teri has probably prevented migraine sufferer deaths by helping people get the medical care they need and giving people hope where they had none before.


    Comment by jongab | April 17, 2010 | Reply

  6. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Zackary Somrak | April 26, 2010 | Reply

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